Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just A Little Piece

I told Devon that I needed some time and asked him to leave again but he refused. He asked me how I could ask him to leave when I knew in my heart that I loved him just as much as he loved me.

"I don't want to leave because I'm afraid that you won't let me back in," he confessed when I didn't reply to his comment. "I don't know what I was thinking before Janie, but I know now that being without you sucks."

When I didn't say anything, he sighed. "Just let me stay," he begged. "I'll sleep on the couch. You don't even have to acknowledge me. Just don't make me go."

This was a side of him that I never seen before. I never heard him beg, I never saw him plead and I certainly never recall a moment when he would've been alright if I ignored him.

So that's what we did. He slept on my couch and I pretended to be ignoring him but to tell you the truth, I was more aware of him than ever before.

I'm not really sure how long he was camped on my couch and no, I didn't pretend that he wasn't there are all times - we spoke in the morning and watched TV together after Alexis was in bed. We fell into a routine and I became so use to him being there when I got home that when I hung up the phone two nights ago, I wanted to cry.

Devon was laying on the couch, watching some program on Discovery, when I hung up the phone. "Are you ok Janie?"

I couldn't form a complete sentence for the life of me.

"Janie?" He jumped off the couch and was at my side in no time. "Who was on the phone?"

Slowly, I turned my head upwards to face him. "That was Amber."

"Amber? How is -?" All the color ran from his face. "I think I should sit down."

"Devon..." I followed him back to the couch, where I watched him sit stiffly on the cushion. Sighing, I plopped down next to him.

"Is - is...." He shook his head, unable to complete his sentence.

"No!" I exclaimed and wrapped my arm around his back. "No."

"No?" There was such hope in his eyes. "Are you sure? Reed isn't....?" I shook my head. "Then..." he frowned. "Why did - what was with the look Janie?"


Dido said...

OH! That was just cruel! Talk about a cliffhanger! Angela, please, please don't torture us for long!

donna said...

well either amber is pregnant again or definately her boyfriend woke up! well, fiancee now i guess :)

My Mantra is Hamsa said...

we already know amber is pregnant again...

liz said...

my guess - Amber is taking Alexis back, and Janie is worried that she will really have to figure things out with Devon now. No more hiding....


Dido said...

Hopefully she didn't lose the baby or something!

Nic said...

I think she lost the baby. Hopefully not.

Or maybe Janie began to cry because Reed woke up.

Vikki said...

That was just mean!! LOL!

I 'm thinking she may have lost the baby. It seems like it's not good news...I'm scared but eager to read the next post.

Mehreen said...

Well, since it makes Janie think Devon will have to move out, maybe it's that Alexis will no longer be a boarder with them because Amber is going to pick her up. It may be good because Janie will have to deal with her feelings with Devon and see where they go.

Anonymous said...

So that's what your title means, ahhh, that's just mean!!

Please post soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok woman you must post soon here. I can't take not knowing what is happening! LOL
I know you have a life! I am just anxious.